Dr. Florian Eppink is a research economist with over 15 years of research and consultancy experience, and obtained his Ph.D. from the VU University Amsterdam in 2007. He has experience with cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, choice experiments, household surveys, spatial econometrics, GIS analysis. Florian enjoys programming these and other tasks in R.

The projects that Florian has completed have focused on delivering evidence to improve sustainability in a broad sense. Specific contexts he has worked in include acid mine drainage, riparian restoration on agricultural land, forest conservation financing, economic damage from flood events, national financial risks from climate change, ecosystem service contributions to export goods, conservation of endangered species, and valuation of natural resources such as coral reefs and grasslands.

The experience of working on diverse, interdisciplinary topics has given Florian the ability to understand new subjects and to collaborate with non-economists. He is particularly interested in applying this expertise to policy development and on-the-ground projects. He aims to work with his clients so that they can influence and own the end product. Currently residing in the United Arab Emirates, he has worked and/or lived in the Netherlands, Germany, Oman, the Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Niue, and Sierra Leone.

In his spare time, you will probably find Florian training for obstacle course races, climbing, or attempting yoga.